The PriuSRT8 Legacy Continues

The PriuSRT8 Legacy Continues

The PriuSRT8 Stops By Jay Leno's Garage

The Legacy Continues

Well after all the Trade Show craze on the PriuSRT8 unveiling and the recent airing of the PriuSRT8 on Jay Leno’s Garage, (see video above) we finally got to putting the veggie burger with bacon to the test. Since we’re Hellcat powered, we felt it was only fitting that we attend the Modern Hemi Shootout in Rockingham NC, (a great series by the way), for our first time out. The outcome we could not be more happy with. Starting with a 10.05 quarter mile, we knocked off E.T. in chunks, finishing the day with a 9.38 at 147 MPH and all along having a great time.

The finishing day time for the Prius was a 9.38 at 147 MPH

The Hellcat Prius SRT8 Hits The Track!

What’s most significant is this was my first time racing a fast stick car down the track. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the PriuSRT8, I’m grateful to say, really made it easy. Without question it’s a true testament to all those involved in the build and the outstanding parts that many supplied.

Fark’s Supercars could not have crafted me a finer ride. Period. I can’t give them enough credit or recommend them enough for chassis work and custom fabrication. Now in a new 15,000 sq ft. shop located in New Jersey, Fark’s will continue to make its mark as a premier chassis shop in the Northeast. This chassis is so well built and combined with the Chris Alston suspension and Wilwood brakes, cruising down the highway or making quarter mile passes are truly enjoyable. The RPM Transmissions tweaked Tremec Magnum 6 Speed and McLeod clutch handled all the power with grace and the Mickey Thomson tires plant whatever I’m throwing at them without breaking a sweat.

There’s so much more in store with this ride and we’re not shy about sharing updates and upcoming adventures. Some tweaks are currently underway so expect big things from our next venture to the race track.


Special thanks to Hemituner AJ Berge and the True Street crew for their ongoing assistance when needed. And I can’t forget the ARH family that not only manufacture the finest header systems in the industry, but they understand that our passion for racing drives the quality of the parts we produce. Cheers to all!