The Trifecta Legacy

The Trifecta Legacy

We often get asked “Why should I choose ARH over other brands?” Please read below for some perspective.
As co-owner of ARH, I can’t help but sit back and reflect on the past 13 years, summing up what we’ve accomplished and clearly, what we have left to do. Of course, the work never ends as we strive to stay ahead of our competitors in both performance and quality. Thinking like the racers we are is certainly a key factor. We take a racers approach to every header system we design because after all, we’re in the horsepower making business. You’d be amazed by how that fact is lost by those in our industry fixated on a bean counter mentality. Truly nothing illustrates that more than what’s been happening over the past 10 years; our ongoing involvement with GM, Ford and Chrysler as the go-to manufacturer for their respective drag race programs.

“The Trifecta Legacy”

It began in 2007 when Ford made the decision to build 50 Cobra Jet Mustangs to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the original, and legendary, 1968 Cobra Jet race cars of which 50 were built. Based off the 2007 Shelby GT500 engine and chassis combination, Ford Racing’s intentions were no different in 2008 than they were four decades earlier, to dominate NHRA Stock Eliminator competition. After thorough engine testing with various brands, ARH was selected to supply the headers for the 2008 commemorative Cobra Jets. It was quite an honor to say the least but, what really made this significant is that our company was only in its third year of existence. We were chosen over extremely well-known header manufacturers, some with decades under their belts.

The Dodge Viper ACR-X & Drag Pak Challenger

The snowball effect that ensued is something that books can be written about. Dodge came knocking with the opportunity to design and manufacture the header systems for the ACR-X Viper road race program consisting of 50 cars. That was followed immediately by seventy V10 Viper powered Challenger Drag Paks built exclusively to compete with the Cobra Jet. Our success in winning over the confidence of the Chrysler team by delivering on the promise that we would not only meet their time constraints, but provide a product built to handle the rigors of road racing, secured our contract to build the 70 units for the Drag Pak V10 Challenger program.

The Copo Camaro

What happened next locked in what we call “The Trifecta Legacy” and what many consider the ultimate accomplishment for a company that at that point was barely in its fifth year. Chevrolet Performance made the call and opened a window of opportunity to join the list of manufacturers supplying headers for what would become GM’s answer to both the Cobra Jet and Drag Pak Challenger, the COPO Camaro. Based on the long awaited 5th Generation Camaro but, with all the drag racing upgrades, GM engineers put our headers to the test and after conquering the competition, gave ARH the green light as the exclusive header supplier.
With only five years as manufacturers, we had the unprecedented honor of supplying all three manufacturers with high quality race headers for their respective hot rods built for the sole purpose of pummeling each other in NHRA Stock Eliminator competition. Through the years, as additional production runs were put in motion, ARH got the nod and continues to be the headers of choice. And now with the formation of what many consider the hottest and most competitive class NHRA showcases, The Factory Stock Showdown, ARH can be found on nearly every entry. We couldn’t be happier, and most especially, grateful, for being given the enormous opportunity to prove we manufacture a product good enough for the Big Three!  

Our Trifecta story is one we’re very proud to share. We feel it tells our customers a little about the philosophy that drives us to be successful. Winning the horsepower war wherever our products are being tested has and always will be paramount. We knew that going in, and 13 years later nothing has changed. We won’t settle on compromises made to our exhaust system designs simply to cut cost. We also don’t outsource materials outside the USA because quality is that important. We leave both of those to our competitors. These facts are what got the attention of GM, Ford and Chrysler and we’re hoping that’s what will steer you to not only purchase our products, but be satisfied enough to recommend us to others.  


We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read this. Happy Hot Rodding!
PS.  Huge thanks to Jimmy Ronzello for setting off this whole series of events. How he did it is a great story in itself. We love you Jim!
Nick Filippides
American Racing Headers