Fabrication On The Great American SEMA Build

Fabrication On The Great American SEMA Build

Floorboard Fabrication

There was no shortage of metal fabrication required to the floorboards to provide the added space needed to accommodate our Tremec 6 Speed and Browell Bellhousing. This picture shows you just how much was removed and replaced. The tunnel is now a full 2” taller and wider. Alignment for the shifter is spot on.

Fabricating The Wheelwells

There was major surgery required to the rear wheelwells to widen them enough to accept our 10 ½” tires. Retaining the factory wheelwells was a must to maintain the look we’re after. Tom Goldman did a masterful job sectioning and welding everything in place. In the process, the wheelbase was extended 1-1/2” to prevent having to open up the wheel openings.

We’ll keep the pics coming. Please share with your fellow hot rodding friends as we continue our work on the Great American! Thanks.

Our Sponsors:

Control Freaks (Suspension)

Wilwood (Braking System)

Tremec (Transmission)

McLeod (Clutch Assembly)

Driveshaft Shop

Mickey Thomson (Tires)


Browell Bellhousing

Jones Racing Products

Eddie G’s Muscle Car Garage  (Body and Paint)
Tom Goldman (Rear Suspension & Chassis Work)
Doug Tripplet  & Marty Zimmerman (Engine Builder & Cylinder Heads)
Competition Services (Custom Fabrication)
Miller Place Auto Upholstery
American Performance

Without question, we will showcase all businesses involved as the list expands.

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