Building The AMC'S Rear End

Building The AMC'S Rear End

The AMC Gets Axles

When it comes to axles, and you know anything about other cars we’ve built for racing over the years, Mark Williams has always been our choice. We’ve never had an issue and they were once again a must have for the Great American. With 29 splines with their Hi Torque Series mated to an Auburn Pro center section, the rear is loaded for bear.

Our Axle Housing

An AMC M20 NOS axle housing was located and used for the build. Tom Goldman cut the factory 2-1/2” O.D. tubes to within 3” of the housing. 3” O.D. tubes were machined internally to slide over, (with interference fit) the factory 2-1/2” tubes. They were then welded to the housing.

The Internals

With 3” axle tubes bored internally to slide over the factory 2-1/2” tubes, Tom weld ahead and welded them to the housing. As a decades long, hardcore AMC racer, Tom felt this upgrade not only makes this setup unique, it’s also much stronger.

Building for Power

A driveshaft loop was clearly on the list taking into consideration what we have planned for horsepower and Tom Goldman whipped up this bolt on arrangement using chromoly tubing. It worked out quite well. With our Drive Shaft Shop carbon fiber shaft, the likelihood that it’ll ever be needed is next to zero but better safe than sorry.

It's Coming Together

This picture says quite a bit and we couldn’t wait to share it. The M20 AMC housing with oversized 3” OD axle tubes all welded in place is sporting a Cal Trac split monoleaf suspension setup with double adjustable Viking Shocks. Rear shackles were eliminated and replaced with sliders to provide a more effective transfer of power to the Mickey Thompson drag radials. Tom Goldman set the housing back 1-1/2” to provide ample clearance to the front quarter panel wheel opening. LPW supplied the rear cover for extra support of the Auburn Pro center section. Wilwood disc brakes are handling the stopping duties. We’ve used them with great success on the PriuSRT8 and my 64 Olds Cutlass racecar. We weren’t going elsewhere for the Great American.  

We’ll keep the pics coming. Please share with your fellow hot rodding friends as we continue our work on the Great American! Thanks.

Our Sponsors:

Control Freaks (Suspension)

Wilwood (Braking System)

Tremec (Transmission)

McLeod (Clutch Assembly)

Driveshaft Shop

Mickey Thomson (Tires)


Browell Bellhousing

Eddie G’s Muscle Car Garage  (Body and Paint)
Tom Goldman (Rear Suspension & Chassis Work)
Doug Tripplet  & Marty Zimmerman (Engine Builder & Cylinder Heads)
Competition Services (Custom Fabrication)
Miller Place Auto Upholstery
American Performance

Without question, we will showcase all businesses involved as the list expands.

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