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August 26, 2019

The COPO's 50th Anniversary

When GM reintroduced the COPO Camaro in 2012, their goal was to be a top contender in NHRA Super Stock racing. With tough competition from Ford and Dodge with their respective hot rods, the Cobra Jet and Drag Pak, GM Performance formulated a plan with various N/A and Supercharged engines and tapped ARH exclusively for their race header needs.

In case you missed the finals here they are!

Attending the 50th Anniversary of the original COPO’s of yesteryear at the NMCA All Star Nationals was quite the thrill. If you haven’t seen the Factory Super Car Shootout in person and you’re as hardcore about racing as we are, you need to get that on your list of things to experience firsthand. Side by side, wheels up, ¼ mile action in the high 7’s at over 175mph (all on a 9” tires) is an absolute thrill to witness first hand. 

CEO/Co-Founder Nick Filippides standing proud knowing ARH has supplied every COPO with headers since GM launched the project!

Thank You!

We’re incredibly grateful to the GM Performance team for believing in our products. We strive to stay ahead of our competition as much as the racers themselves. ARH Equipped FTW!!