C8 Corvette Catbacks From ARH

C8 Corvette Catbacks From ARH

The C8 Corvette Catback From ARH Is Here!

It was only a matter of time before we built a proper catback to further the untapped performance in the C8 that is just waiting to be unleashed. American Racing Headers is proud to say our badass header systems now have a catback to finish off your C8 exhaust!  You can read more about our C8 Corvette Headers here.

Prototyping & Development

Our R&D Team began dissecting the factory catback components and quickly saw the untapped potential to create a catback system with superior performance and sound. From our chambered muffler design to our precision cut X-Pipe our catback is tailor made to handle the power and performance of your C8 like no other.

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We are truly blessed to have such a powerful, intelligent and driven team of people here at American Racing Headers. Know that when you order any exhaust system from us that you become apart of that team better yet family. It is our pleasure to offer you this badass catback for your C8 Corvette and we would love to see how you unleash the beast with them! Check out the systems here.