C8 Corvette Headers From ARH

C8 Corvette Headers From ARH

The New C8 Corvette Headers From ARH

The C8 Corvette redefined what a Corvette in 2020 should be like. From its show stopping debut to the very first production vehicles, American Racing Headers knew it was a home run for Chevrolet. Needless to say when the C8 arrived at the shop it felt like Christmas came early this year!

Baseline Dyno

The first step we take when beginning any new project is a baseline dyno. This stock C8 consistently dynoed 440HP and 393TQ. Another testament to GM's high-caliber level of engineering. Based on this we eagerly began developing a system that would unleash the additional performance in this beast. 

Prototyping & Development

Our R&D Team wasted no time in taking the C8 apart. They began dissecting the factory exhaust components in order to create an exhaust with superior performance and sound. Having seen the factory exhaust inside and out, we knew there was power to be gained. We developed 1-3/4", 1-7/8" and 2" header systems for testing knowing this 6.2L LT2 would most likely perform best with a set of 1-7/8" headers. Keep in mind this is a N/A application with no tuning. When tuning and boost packages are available we cannot wait to see what our 1-7/8" and 2" headers can do.

The C8 Corvette Picks Up Power With American Racing Headers

American Racing Headers is proud to say we've unleashed more of the beast with our header systems for the C8 Corvette! After a full day of back to back testing of the different header configurations we found our original hypothesis to be true. Our 1-7/8" headers picked up the most power overall with the stock cats, +17HP and +33RWTQ at peak and as much as 37HP and 37TQ across the mid range! The larger 6" stock cats out performed the higher flowing but smaller 4" performance cats. Hats off to GM for building a great cat.

Top Tier Results

While the performance gains were extremely impressive overall, we loved what we saw from the RPM range incrementally with power and torque numbers throughout. The consistent spread we saw in the 4300-6500RPM range filled the ARH team with excitement because this was confirmation of a kick ass header system!

Join The C8 Power Brigade

We are truly blessed to have such a powerful, intelligent and driven team of people here at American Racing Headers. Know that when you order any exhaust system from us that you become apart of that team better yet family. It is our pleasure to offer you these badass headers for your C8 Corvette and we would love to see how you unleash the beast with them! Check out the systems here!