The Great American 2020 SEMA Build Update

The Great American 2020 SEMA Build Update

An Update On The Great American

The Great American is now at Eddie G’s Musclecar Garage in Holbrook, NY where the full body treatment is underway. It’s still on wheels but it won’t be long before it’s on the rotisserie. Eddie and his team will begin prepping the undercarriage, firewall and body for what may be one of the most beautiful Ramblers ever. We’re beyond thrilled that Eddie and his gifted team of experts are tackling this project. Over the years we’ve had numerous muscle cars roll into our building from Eddie G’s and the consistent top shelf quality made the decision to have them take on the Great American project a simple one.
With plans to cruise the Rambler often, careful planning was taken to find a balance between road going durability and SEMA show quality. Making an impression won’t be an issue. It’s in great hands!

Stay Tuned!

We’ll keep the pics coming. Please share with your fellow hot rodding friends as we continue our work on the Great American! Thanks.

Our Sponsors:

Control Freaks (Suspension)

Wilwood (Braking System)

Tremec (Transmission)

McLeod (Clutch Assembly)

Driveshaft Shop

Mickey Thomson (Tires)


Browell Bellhousing

Jones Racing Products

Eddie G’s Muscle Car Garage  (Body and Paint)
Tom Goldman (Rear Suspension & Chassis Work)
Doug Tripplet  & Marty Zimmerman (Engine Builder & Cylinder Heads)
Competition Services (Custom Fabrication)
Miller Place Auto Upholstery
American Performance

Without question, we will showcase all businesses involved as the list expands.

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