ARH/Farks Supercars Wins Yellow Bullet!

ARH/Farks Supercars Wins Yellow Bullet!

Racing At Cecil County Dragway

It’s now the day after, and after all the dust settled, Team ARH/Fark’s Supercars wins the Ultra Street class again at the world renown Yellowbullet Nationals held annually at Cecil County Dragway. In the toughest field ever, where the bump spot was a very quick 1/8th mile ET of 4.62 seconds, the group of 16 cars that set the field after qualifying were only a mere 13 hundredths of a second apart. That’s some tight racing to say the least!! After qualifying number 3 at 4.52 seconds, it took 3 rounds before meeting the number one qualifier, Dylan Wile, in the final. Team ARH, with George Farkouh doing the driving duties, drilled his competitor at the tree, followed by a hard charge to a very decisive win with a 4.51 ET at nearly 155mph.

- The ARH/Farks 5th Gen Camaro 

Our Passion Drives Our Performance

Living by what drives us to win races is the foundation for why ARH leads the world in high quality, 100% USA made products. Practicing what we preach is in our DNA, and our customers are the ultimate benefactors. This is why we say, “Others make headers, we make horsepower!”

 - The Father & Son team behind Farks Supercars 

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