Our TRX Exhaust Systems Are Almost Here!

Our TRX Exhaust Systems Are Almost Here!

ARH Delivers The Performance and Sound Your TRX Needs

American Racing Headers is proud to say our new TRX Dodge Ram exhaust systems are almost here! We've been working around the clock to bring these exhaust systems to all the TRX fans out there. The level of raw power and sound quality these systems will bring is nothing short of perfection. BADASS would be an understatement to describe these exhaust systems.


ARH Shorty Headers & Factory Connection Pipes

What ARH Plans to Offer

With a platform as power as the HELLCAT has proven to be, it comes as no surprise to us that these trucks LOVE headers! We've developed 1-7/8" and 2" systems to withstand the power these vehicles are capable of. These systems will be going for testing to become 50 state legal. We are looking forward to everyone enjoying the power these systems will bring!

ARH OFF-ROAD Connection Pipes

Our Racing Systems

Staying true to our roots in racing, we've developed an OFF-ROAD Racing Mid Section. These systems will be solely for racing and NOT for/on street use. We hope to see our customers setting records on the race track real soon!

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