BES Racing Engines takes second place with ARH at 2017 AMSOIL ENGINE MASTERS CHALLENGE!

BES Racing Engines takes second place with ARH at 2017 AMSOIL ENGINE MASTERS CHALLENGE!


The 2017 AMSOIL Engine Masters Challenge, presented by HOT ROD Network, took place October 2nd at the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH). This challenge is said to be the “purest interpretation of a motorsport, where we have literally made a sport out of motors”. Engine Masters has been running for 16 straight years now and is the biggest engine builders challenge event in existence! 

In the engine masters challenge, teams have 35 minutes to make three runs on the University of Northwestern Ohio’s Superflow engine dyno. Competitors can make as many pulls as they would like in their time frame, also having the ability to tune during this time. Some teams work frantically to get the most power extracted from their engine by adjusting ignition settings, timing, and carb jets. 

This year has two classes, Traditional Muscle, which is for carbureted pushrod V8s, and Vintage, which is for inline 6s and V8s made before 1955. Traditional Muscle is scored based on average torque and horsepower from 3,500-6,800rpm for small-block and 3,500-6,300rpm for big-block, while Vintage is scored from 3,700-6,300rpm. The average torque and horsepower of the three runs are tallied and divided by three. That number is then multiplied by 1,000 and then divided by the engine’s displacement in cubic inches to determine the score.
To read more about the two classes of competition for the Engine Masters Challenge, follow the links below:

This is where BES came in and took second place in the Traditional Muscle Class, only missing first place by 70 points, which isn’t much! They had strong competition this year, and their 451cid big block Mopar put down a respectable 670hp and 640ft lb of torque! “The SBC entry by Creason Racing was a very strong engine and scored very well” they said. Their Mopar BB engine is quite impressive, especially with their choice to use American Racing Headers to meet their power goals in this challenge.



ARH wants to thank BES Racing Engines for their continued support of our brand and products. We now have these incredible Big Block Mopar Headers made for B/E cars available for sale nowIf you’re interested give us a call or visit our website! Enjoy some pictures of the BES 440 EMC Engine equipped with American Racing Headers. Be sure to watch for more cool things from BES! 
-Team ARH