American Racing Headers and The 2017 SEMA Show Recap!

American Racing Headers and The 2017 SEMA Show Recap!

ARH & The 2017 SEMA Tradeshow

It has been a truly amazing show this year and quite a legendary one as well. Our PriuSRT8 was a huge hit! During this SEMA show we sat down and spoke with some of our sponsors that helped make this all possible. Stay tuned to see ARH catch up with more sponsors that helped us build the PriuSRT8!


Aeromotive Inc. 

Aeromotive has utilized three generations of track experience to develop fuel systems that excel both in race cars, and high performance street cars. Their dedication and commitment to producing quality, reliable fuel systems and components is truly remarkable. Utilizing aerospace manufacturing and in-house engineering processes (hence the name), they hold their craft to a higher standard than the competition that outlasts many OEM systems. Aeromotive’s designs are always original and innovative, and for this reason, American Racing Headers chose to partner with Aeromotive in the greatest Prius build of all time! 


Autometer has been building gauges and racing electronics for over 60 years. Today, they have one of the most advanced digital instrumentation manufacturing facilities. Based in IL, USA, they produce gauges and instrumentation for several markets including OEM’s which many people are not aware of. Their top notch quality is evident in their racing gauge display’s as well. Recently, Autometer has branched out into the digital LCD market when they acquired STACK LTD. in 2007. This market will be growing rapidly in the near future due to its vast integration possibilities. Autometer was an easy choice for our PriuSRT8 build because of their legendary quality and performance. We’re happy to have them on board! 

Chris Alston Chassisworks

Founder Chris Alston has been building innovative chassis components for over 35 years using his own in house research and development techniques. Chris’s work has been recognized by the NHRA for best engineering awards and his quality is evident in all of his work. Chassisworks is known for their replacement frame clips and road race rear suspension setups for classic muscle cars. This opens up a whole new world to the restomod class! Chassisworks also developed coil-over conversion front clips that require zero welding and can be installed at home. Now with a catalog of over 7,500 parts, they’re doing phenomenal things for the industry and we’re glad to support Chris in our Prius build. Thank you Chassisworks! 

McLeod Racing 

McLeod is best known for their high quality, cost effective clutches that stand up to a ton of abuse. Their service is unrivaled, and their product line covers everything from street cars to 3,000 hp drag cars. McLeod doesn’t just make clutches though, they have a full line of driveline products including conversion kits, flywheels, bell housings, and more! We chose to partner with McLeod racing because of their great relationship with us, and their great quality high performance clutch set. Thank you for being a part of a special build with us! 


Whipple Superchargers 

Whipple Superchargers paved a new way of forced induction upon their inception in 1987. Pairing with the company Sprintex from Australia, they worked together to develop the twin-screw supercharger. Over the years, Whipple has continually made tremendous improvements and has pioneered the supercharging market. The Whipple blower is a common phrase that is known throughout every facet of racing and street car performance still to this day. Whipple’s dedication to innovation and reliability is what had us seeking out their blower for our Prius build, and we’re glad to keep this relationship going strong! It’s great to share this passion with another “American Made” product manufacturer. 

Tremec Transmissions

Tremec has been supplying OEM companies like Ford, Ferrari, GM, AMG, Volvo, Nissan and others with critical transmission components as well as complete transmissions for many years now. Their place in the aftermarket world of performance transmissions is backed by their experience developing reliable high power handling transmission components from factory cars, so it was a no brainer that this would be the best choice for a 1,000 HP street car that happens to be a Prius. We’re using a Tremec transmission because we needed the best. Tremec has been a great company to work with and we are proud to support them and their achievements in the racing world. 


Wilwood Engineering, Inc.

Wilwood’s approach to brake system engineering is quite brilliant. With a system in place, brake calipers and rotors can be developed for new applications very quickly due to their modular nature and caliper options using a combination of off the shelf parts, and custom engineered components. Wilwood develops brake systems for competitive motorsport events, drag racing, and high performance street cars that want to modernize older braking systems. We chose wildwood components on our PriuSRT8 because we needed something reliable and powerful to stop the car time and time again after high speed drag strip passes. We thank Wilwood for helping us with this project and we know we will be utilizing their components in the future as well!