ARH Practicing What We Preach!

ARH Practicing What We Preach!


So if you follow ARH on social media, you're probably up to speed regarding my recent exploits getting behind the wheel of my son Lou's low 10 second G Body Cutlass. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be a big deal but if you consider it's been about 13 years since making a run down the quarter mile, it was a notable milestone for me. To put it in context, I drag raced consistently every year prior to that as far back as 1984. 

The ARH/Fark's Supercars Racing Team at the winner's circle at the NMCA Bluegrass Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky

ARH/Farks Supercars 5th Gen Camaro

So why nearly 13 years? Because it was back in 2005 that we started ARH and priorities changed for me dramatically. Not that as a team we got away from racing entirely. In 2010 we started the ARH/Fark's team and with what would eventually become our 7 second Extreme / Ultra Street Gen 5 Camaro, campaigned and won a lot of races. 

The need for me to get behind the wheel of our Camaro just wasn't in the cards and that was perfectly ok. Time wasn't on my side with the day to day duties as co-owner of ARH and it's no secret, getting to the track enough to test and be competitive requires time. Those duties went to my son Lou and his racing partner George Farkouh, both of which made names for themselves with championship winning seasons. They also contributed greatly in helping get the ARH name into the public square, something we really needed as a company only a few years in the making.

The 1964 Olds Cutlass

Fast forward to 2018 and the fact that a seven year project building my personal 1964 Old Cutlass was nearing completion, getting back to racing is now in my immediate future. To what capacity it's hard to say but I will be out there really soon with what should be a low 7 second ride.

Going to Cecil County Dragway and making that run was just a thrill and it made me realize I still have it in me. It's like riding a bike they say but my latest version of my 64 Cutlass will be 2-1/2 seconds quicker than anything I've ever driven. There will be a learning curve and that's ok.

All this brings me to the point of why I wrote this commentary. We've always promoted our company as one that "practices what it preaches". Our deep rooted passion for racing is what defines our non stop pursuit to remain a step ahead our competition. Winning the horsepower war contributes to winning the race but as header manufacturers it doesn't end there. Winning over our customers by exceeding their expectations makes us champions of our industry. 

I hope to see our friends and customers at the races this year. If I'm behind the wheel it means I'm in my element and loving life. 
Here's to being in your element and loving life!!



Nick Filippides
American Racing Headers