A HEMI For Heroes Was A HUGE Success!

A HEMI For Heroes Was A HUGE Success!

Pictured From Left to Right: (Sal Acosta, Nick Filippides and Louie Filippides)

Out Going Address To The Troops At "A HEMI for Heroes"

Before I begin, I need to take a moment to express my gratitude to the outstanding people who helped bring us together for the “A HEMI For Heroes” event! I have to start with my two main contacts here at the base, David Docimo and Sal Acosta, both of which were instrumental - and believed enough in this project - to work out all the kinks and create a path for our arrival.

Second, this event would absolutely not be possible without the overwhelming support of Sheik Mubarak Al Sabah. Besides this cookout, which is sponsored by American Racing Headers, but graciously paid for by him, the Sheikh was also extremely helpful with transportation to the base. We will forever be indebted to him, David, Sal and all those folks behind the scenes that helped make A HEMI For Heroes a reality. I respectfully request that we give them all a huge round of applause.  It was truly a Herculean task.

Even Trumpy Bear Got a Once In A Lifetime Experience!

Trying to express in words how honored and privileged the American Racing Headers family is to have this opportunity to be here with you - may be as difficult as the effort taken to build this car in the first place. We are overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude.

If you are searching for the rational behind why we built the PriuSRT8, there are many things to consider. But this HEMI For Heroes event represents the pinnacle of reasons. It’s our salute to you, the amazing Americans of our military here at Camp Arifjan and anywhere in the world our troops serve.

Some Burnout Fun in The PruiSRT8

If you’re a motorsports fan you’re probably familiar with American Racing Headers and some of the cool stuff we’ve accomplished in our industry over the past 15 years. But who would have ever thought that stuffing a Hellcat engine in a Prius would be all that’s needed to open the door for us to be here with you?

We knew it would raise some eyebrows cruising down the road, definitely ruffle some feathers on social media, heck it even got us a chance to be on Jay Leno’s Garage as a “Rebel’s Car”. Combining all that may have helped get us here, but does any of that compare to this? Absolutely not! The fact that millions of folks around the world, and most especially our service members, understand and appreciate the concept behind this build - means the world to us.  

America's Finest Giving A Helping Hand

We’re humbled beyond words by your presence and are grateful beyond imagination. We take none of this for granted. Our service members truly mean the world to us.

Like all Americans, we are blessed by your sacrifices, and live our lives the American way as a result!

On behalf of myself, my partner Jose back in the States, my son Lou here in attendance and the entire American Racing Headers family, May God bless and watch over you all! God Bless the great people of Kuwait for hosting us. God bless our President, Donald J Trump and God Bless America. Now and Always!!

Thank you so much!