The Team at American Racing Headers had great time at the Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle.

The Team at American Racing Headers had great time at the Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle.


ARH would like to thank those of you who stopped by to talk with us about your cars, and for supporting our 100% American Made company over the years. The turnout was huge to say the least, despite a bit of rain over the weekend. People traveled from all over the United States and well into Canada for this event. The ARH booth was jam packed with visitors asking questions about our latest systems, spanning from the AWD Chargers to the Hellcat systems for the Charger and Challenger. The Dodge Challenger Demon came out and that was a sight to see in it’s widened form. The “Thrill Ride” was a great hit and everyone enjoyed getting a ride in some of the fastest SRT cars! The Daisy Duke Beauty Contest was a real winner too!



We’re heavily involved in the Chrysler, Dodge family. People from all over the world are coming out to see the largest Chrysler shows in the world, with over 3,000 vehicles and growing annually. ARH caters greatly to the Chrysler family of cars and trucks with many high-quality applications available. We had a great time this year and hope for many more to come in the future.

ARH was exclusively chosen to be involved in two of the most capable vehicles developed in the USA, i.e. the track slaying Viper ACR-X road race car in 2009/10 and the Drag Pack V10/V8 Challenger from 2009 to present day.

he Viper ACR-X, which stands for American Club Racer, sporting 640hp out of its 8.4 liter V10 engine, beat its own record at Laguna Seca by 3 seconds compared to the production model Viper. Our headers were outfitted on all Viper ACR-X cars, attributing to their increased power and faster lap times, along with weight reduction, safety and suspension upgrades.

ARH has been involved with the Drag Pack project for quite some time now. We started out with developing header systems for the V10 Drag Pack Challenger in 2009. This car was a monster at 800 plus HP. With a highly modified, race prepped Gen 4 Viper engine, 2 speed glide and a solid axle rear, it was A LOT of car and ready to race.



If you missed the show this year, here are some of the activities that went on:

  • The Mopar Survivors tent is a must-see feature of the show. This tent houses cars that are 85% original and as close to the way the cars left the factory as possible.
  • Don’t miss the “Hall of Fame Tent” with the cast from the Dukes of Hazzard!
  • The Dodge “Thrill Ride” from last year was a HIT! This year take a ride in Dodge’s fastest cars, like the 707hp Hellcat, through a course with a little bit of sideway action. This year, they may have some new cars available for the thrill ride with even more power!
  • Swap meet. One of the biggest swap meets of all time! You better come with a truck because chances are, you’re going to end up buying something if you walk through the meet!
  • Thursday evening features a FREE kick off party at the neighboring Carlisle Expo Center as well.


For more information and to keep in touch with the Carlisle events page for next years show, see the following links: