The Great “American” SEMA Project Update

The Great “American” SEMA Project Update


The Chassis

The Great American project is now in full swing with the undercarriage, trunk and engine compartment completely stripped down to the metal. We’re awaiting the delivery of our Control Freaks front end along with our Wilwood Brakes setup to get the American back on the ground and rolling. We’ll be hanging the stock rear axle in place temporarily to help us load it up for its journey to Tom Goldman in PA who’ll be performing the rear wheel well and suspension upgrades. We’re staying with leaf springs and adding Cal Tracs on this project. We feel it fits the direction and statement we’re looking to make.


The Engine

The 401 block and Edelbrock heads are now both in the capable hands of Doug Triplett and Marty Zimmerman respectively. The block's been machined to accept the Program 4 bolt billet caps and lifter bushings for our hydraulic roller lifters. Oiling mods are clearly necessary and already done in the lifter valley. This engine will not have any oiling problems at any rpm.

Marty is working his magic on our Edelbrock heads. He began by removing the stock seats to allow room for larger 2.150 intake valves. Though we aren’t looking to set horsepower records, the 550 to 600 horsepower we’re seeking will be produced with extreme reliability. The Great American will be raced after SEMA and durability is a top priority.

Stay tuned for more as things develop.  Thanks!  


Our Sponsors:

Control Freaks (Suspension)

Wilwood (Braking System)

Tremec (Transmission)

McLeod (Clutch Assembly)

Driveshaft Shop

Mickey Thomson (Tires)


Browell Bellhousing

Jones Racing Products

Eddie G’s Muscle Car Garage  (Body and Paint)
Tom Goldman (Rear Suspension & Chassis Work)
Doug Tripplet  & Marty Zimmerman (Engine Builder & Cylinder Heads)
Competition Services (Custom Fabrication)
Miller Place Auto Upholstery
American Performance

Without question, we will showcase all businesses involved as the list expands.

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