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November 28, 2016

The Fastest Cobra Jet Mustang - 195.537mph

On 10/29/16 at Space Florida's Shuttle Landing Facility in the Kennedy Space Center, Fl the 2008 Cobra Jet Mustang #5 Vin FR500CJ-005 set the record forthe worlds fastest Cobra Jet Mustang at 195.537mph. The Cobra Jet was driven by James Meagher from Real Street. This 4x NHRA record setting Cobra Jet Mustang was in NHRA legal trim at 800rwhp and full weight at 3500#. The only changes from NHRA class legal specs were: Large Intercooler Tank, Remove the forward facing hood scoop and the addition of water methanol injection.

The vehicle's factory ECU was re-calibrated by Chris Johnson founder of SCT & JMS. He utilized the SCT Advantage tuning system, X4 Handheld and LiveLink data logging. This car is a NHRA legal stocker and 4x Record Holder. NHRA legal record cars have to meet "stock ford specs" and are torn down after a record run to verify.

Most folks don't race their real "Cobra Jets". Most folks also can't take their record setting mile cars and legally set a NHRA class record. It's pretty cool that this car now has five records and it's still racing.

ARH would like to congratulate Rick Hernandez and his Cobra Jet on a job well done!