Steeda’s Lethal NA “Silver Bullet” 2018 Mustang GT is First Into the 10s!

Steeda’s Lethal NA “Silver Bullet” 2018 Mustang GT is First Into the 10s!

-Words and Media From Steeda

Steeda's "Silver Bullet"

Our 2018 “Silver Bullet” Mustang GT tore up the 1/4-mile at South Georgia Motorsports Park last Friday and Saturday, with a record-setting best run of 10.98 seconds at 126.35 MPH with only that sweet Southern Georgia air to feed it! We’ve shared some behind the scenes of the build, and this is the culmination of a tireless effort by the Steeda team. The car was built at our Pompano Beach location by Steve Chichisola and Matt Bouyea, with the tune being dialed-in by James Gordon up in Valdosta.

Friday night the car was piloted by Valdosta staff-member, Jigar Patel, whose first-run 11.16-pass pumped the team’s energy to the next level. A few adjustments were made, and by the end of the night yielded an 11.02 with a 1.70 60-foot, setting the record for the fastest naturally aspirated 2018 Mustang! On a final attempt, the car cranked out a 1.68 short, but hit the rev limiter in first gear, slowing the overall pass. However, we set out on this build with the intention of being, not just the fastest naturally aspirated 2018 Mustang, but the first to break into the 10s… so weren’t done just yet!


With just 0.021 seconds standing between us and the achievement of breaking that 11-second barrier, our dedicated Valdosta team headed back to SGMP on Saturday morning. Scott Boda, our Director of Manufacturing and Engineering, left his red Fox resting for this weekend’s NMRA event at Bradenton and got behind the wheel of the Silver Bullet. Despite the 78-degree heat and a DA of 1448 ft., Scott sweet-talked our beautiful 2018 GT into a 10.98-second pass with a 1.686 60-foot! The car’s last three passes were 11.002, 11.01 (hot lapped), and 10.98, all with 1.69. 60-foots or better. The atmosphere was absolutely electric and our team was buzzing with excitement after such a remarkable feat!

Our 2018 Mustang GT has a naturally aspirated, stock 5.0L Coyote, with just a few high-quality bolt-on suspension parts, and our 3D-printed 2018 Cold Air Intake prototype! We removed the passenger seat, as well as switching out Jigar for Scott for an extra 20 lb. drop! 

Steeda's 2018 “Silver Bullet” naturally aspirated Mustang GT is the Mustang that keeps on giving! After backing up the original 10.98 world record with a 10.96 in the heat at the NMRA Bradenton Shootout, the Silver Bullet finally got some cooperation from the weather. The colder temperatures in South Georgia last Friday were conducive to a 10.71 run at 128.76 mph! Amazingly, Scott Boda, who has been behind the wheel for both the 10.98 and 10.71 runs, thinks there's still more in it. That means, we're going to keep pushing!

American Racing Headers is proud to have been apart of this build and the records Steeda has made! Be sure to check out Steeda for more coverage on their Silver Bullet and all your Ford Mustang Needs!