ARH Wins Holley EFI Real Street Race At NCMA Bluegrass Nationals - Bowling Green, KY

ARH Wins Holley EFI Real Street Race At NCMA Bluegrass Nationals - Bowling Green, KY

Bluegrass Nationals - Bowling Green, KY

If you’re going to travel from Long Island, New York to Bowling Green, Kentucky with Team ARH/Farks Supercars knowing there’s an opportunity to race two classes on the same weekend and be a contender in both, you’d say that’s a trip worth taking. As it turns out it was!! What made it interesting is that one class, Real Street is 1/8th mile while the other, Extreme Street, is ¼ mile. This requires two different trains of thought if you want to be competitive but the ARH/Fark’s Camaro was set up to do double duty with a simple gear swap. We knew that going in but it’s always harder than you think, especially when mother nature has her say.

Battling through one rain delay after the other and missing some much needed qualifying passes for testing didn’t help us or anyone on the property at the NMCA Blue Grass Nationals, but that was the back story for the weekend. There was clearly more to learn and the weather just flat prevented that.

What ensued for team ARH was a roller coaster ride on Sunday where the weather cooperated and gave us a chance to begin eliminations, with no time to spare between rounds. If you’re going rounds during eliminations it means that you’re winning races, and that we did by first winning the final round of Real Street against a great friend and competitor Jesse Coulter and his wicked turbocharged Camaro. It’s worth mentioning that Jesse also ran both classes and managed to meet us in the final of Real Street.

What happened next was bittersweet as we managed to win our way into the Extreme Street final but lost what should’ve been our second win of the weekend due to tire spin at the 60ft mark. Hat’s off to Bart Tobener for a job well done. To say it was a great weekend of racing is truly an understatement. The NMCA family, always a class act, jumped thru hoops to get us through the weekend of horrible weather. Don’t ever expect anything less when racing NMCA. That’s just how they roll.

Once again, I’m extremely proud of the ARH/Farks team for putting together a great effort. That same effort goes into our header and exhaust systems and there’s nothing more gratifying than having the ability to practice what you preach. We’ll keep you posted as we prepare to head out to the races once again. If you see us please feel free to stop by and chat or take a good look at the ARH Camaro. There’s much to see when you’re up close. Cheers!!

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