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Jeep 1998-2006 (TJ 4.0L) Long System



The venerable TJ Jeep from 1998-2006 was our most recent target for high quality headers and exhaust components. Now available is our 6 into 1 heavy duty header manufactured using USA made 304 S/S and designed with a rotational firing sequence for increased power and torque. Guaranteed to outperform and outlast anything currently on the market, these headers were designed to never crack while handling the toughest conditions you can throw at them.

Features include:

  • .065 wall 1-5/8” tubing (1-3/4” Primaries Available for Supercharged and Performance Built Engines)
  •  Unique to ARH 6 into 1 merge collector with tig welded Scavenger Spike
  • Tig Welded and Hand Ported Inlets
  • Tube Routing for Rotational Firing Sequence  
  • Gains of 20 RWHP (or more with Cold Air Intake pre-installed)
  • 100% USA Made
  • Guaranteed to NEVER crack
  • Available with or without our 200 Cell Metallic Cat
  • Works great from Bone Stock to Modified or Supercharged
  • Direct Fit to Catback (most models)