AMC Ambassador

  • We’re proud to announce that we will be starting production on these amazing new Ambassador headers immediately. This header proved to be a bit more challenging than the run of the mill header, mainly due to the intricate flange design which requires CNC machining for clearance around the spark plugs and cylinder head bolts. If you never want to make another investment in headers, we assure you it just doesn’t get any better than this, and it’s backed by a lifetime guarantee for quality and workmanship.

    ALL American Racing Headers Exhaust Systems are for OFF-ROAD use only.

  • Product features on this system includes:

    1. Designed for the dog-leg style port that works with Edelbrock or factory iron heads
    2. Flanges are 3/8” thick and CNC machined to clear the spark plugs and head bolts
    3. Excellent tube routing for a great fit and to maximize performance
    4. Hand ported and tig welded inlets
    5. Fits standard and automatic transmission vehicles
    6. These headers come with euro-ball style connection pipes to give you a starting point for the balance of your exhaust